Friday, July 25, 2014

Page 766

That is about the same as what Axiolis told me,’ said Shenado. ‘I’ve always thought that story was a little strange.

You are not the only one,’ said Wendy. ‘Octavia and I wondered if the Vanguard was somehow behind the attack on the Elroys, but we never found any evidence proving so. And of course, Zeff and Axiolis saw the attack happen and were convinced it was Abolish, so I don’t think they ever doubted the Vanguard like we did. Or perhaps that was their reason for rejoining: because they thought it would help them find answers.

If they ever had such suspicions, then they never told me about them,’ said Shenado. ‘I think they genuinely believe it was Abolish’s doing. And to be frank, I trust their judgment more than I trust yours.

Wendy ruffled his feathers again. ‘I do not blame you, I suppose. But you must admit, recent events have cast a new light on that old one.

Shenado made no response.

“If the Vanguard betrayed my family thirty years ago, then why would they wait so long to try and finish us off?” said Marcos.

Everyone blinked at him collectively.

“What?” he said.

Nothing,’ said Wendy. ‘That was a very level-headed question and well-posed. We have been wondering the same thing, but just because we don’t currently have an answer doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Shenado came to land on Marcos’ shoulder. ‘It hardly makes much difference at this point. We’re in a fight now whether we like it or not. How goes the gathering of the allies, by the way?

“Fairly well so far,” said Octavia. “Our conflict has gained quite a lot of attention. The fearmongers are saying a war in Sair would destabilize the entire continent, so there are a number of parties interested in preventing it.”

And a few in exacerbating it,’ added Wendy.

“Of course.”

“Do you think it will really come to war?” asked Marcos.

“If Lawrence continues to ignore our demands, then yes. Soon enough, we’ll have ample strength to lay siege to Rhein’s Keep.”


  1. I finally read everything. After 3 days. This possibly the greatest thing written on the internet, aswell, so don't die. Also, "And to be frank, I'm trust their..." See something there?
    You've netted yourself a new devotee, and keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for your writing Frost. =)

  3. can't help but notice you have missed 3 chapters this week. is everything all right.

  4. Thanks for the catch. Fixed now.

    And welcome. Glad you're enjoying.

  5. Ah, yeah, sorry about that. I've been rewriting the upcoming pages a lot, and it seems they've been getting the better of me.

    Think I've worked out the kinks now, though. Should be more consistent moving forward.

  6. good i thought something might have happened like pc breaking down etc. The things that happen to writers like this one guy stopped writing coz his house flooded. Remember If you need a break to stop from crashing do it coz you are already putting more content up in a week than any other online novel writer I know of. which i find bizarre. I love it but it's still bizarre, don't burn out.

  7. Since there seems to be a fair amount of appreciation on this page, I might as well add to it. Your writing is the only thing bookmarked on my phone besides YouTube, an gets checked twice as often, so any updates are good updates :)

  8. Thank you, master. That means a lot to me. <3

  9. I'm definitely not putting out more content than any other web novelist. I probably do update "more frequently" than anyone else, but keep in mind, my updates are a lot smaller, too.

  10. Most update once a week with maybe 2 or 3 times the content however you do 7 updates so yes yo do, do a lot that more than most.

  11. More than most, yeah. But if you're really looking for new webserial content, then you might want to try Wildbow's stuff. That guy puts out way more raw text than I do, and he's probably got the largest readership among webserials.

  12. Yea Wildbow is crazy.

    He puts out like 20,000 words a week I think.
    His first web serial is about 1.75 million words.