Saturday, July 19, 2014

Page 761

In this painting, Lluc is the one on the left,’ said Shenado. ‘He always wore his hair longer than Marcelo so that people could tell them apart.

“Did you know them?” Marcos asked.

Personally? No. I’ve heard Axiolis talk about them at length, but I didn’t get involved with you Rainlords until after your parents met.

“Oh, right...” That subject hollowed out his expression as it brought him back to the present. However, he was resolved not to dwell on it, and instead attempted to spin it around to the past again. “It’s weird to think that Papa has their power now.”

Legendary people are still people.

Indeed, they certainly had their flaws,’ came another reaper’s voice. It belonged to Wendy, entering the room behind Octavia Redwater. ‘Lluc and Marcelo were identical in more ways than one. They were like wild horses, those two. You never knew what they were going to do next. And neither did they, I am convinced.

“Are you enjoying the gallery?” Octavia asked. She never seemed to need her cane at all, making Marcos wonder if she just carried the thing around for show. “I have not been down here in ages.”

It’s lovely,’ said Shenado, ‘even if some of the images are a bit unsettling. I was surprised to find no one else here.

“Ah, well, family members generally aren’t interested in this place. The youngins hear about it all their lives, I suppose. Nereida wanted this room to be an intimate shrine to our family’s legacy, but I’m afraid it has become more of a tourist attraction than anything. And of course, we’re closed to the public at the moment. So you see. Empty.”

Marcos was more interested in what Wendy had been saying. “You knew the Twins?”

I did,’ he said. ‘In terms of personality, they could not have been more UNLIKE your father, I should think.


Yes. They were impulsive, loud, obnoxious, and foolish.

“Don’t listen to him,” said Octavia. “I didn’t know them, obviously, but I know Wendy, and he has always been a party pooper.”

Lluc was your great great grandfather, wasn’t he?’ asked Shenado.

“That, he was.”


  1. The youngins here -> ..hear?

  2. Typo:
    "She never seemed to need her cane at all, making Marcos wonder[ed] if she just carried the thing around for show."

    I suppose there's a rapier in the cane.

  3. And "youngins" is correct?

  4. We'll get there.

    In my mind, I pronounce it the same as "Luke," but I've read that "look" is also used.

  5. I admit I also leaped on that sentence, though I'm so sure what's in it. Remember we're dealing with servants and abilities. Assuming she doesn't have water materialization, and seeing as abilities do follow laws of behavior and physics, it's not beyond reason for a servant to find a mundane tool useful in some way. But, depending on the ability, that tool could be ANYTHING.

  6. Time for the petulant child act: I want to hear more about Hector! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna! *Commence sulking*
    See what you're doing George? The not knowing what his element is, is reversing the ageing process. Of my mind, not my body.

    How would you pronounce Lluc? Luke? Luck? Leloose? Loose?

  7. I really like hearing bout ancient characters in this series. I really dunno why. First Stasya, now the Redwater Twins