Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Page 746

Helen squinted. “I do not understand your purpose in doing any of this.”

“Then perhaps that is the question you should be asking me,” said Luther. “The crown has made you very demanding, sister. It is unbecoming. A lady should try to be more understanding of others’ feelings.”

“Explain, then. Why did you betray me?”

“Because this country needed me to,” said Luther. “There are over 150 sovereign nations in the world, and yet only ten of them have monarchs. And of those ten--”

“--only four possess virtually unchecked power as I do,” finished Helen. “I am aware.”

“Do you see no problem with that, sister?”

It was an argument she’d been hearing since childhood, an argument she’d once believed in herself. “So, rather than speak to me of your concerns, you decided that it was better to force a regime change by having me assassinated and plunging Atreya into a war with its neighbors. I fail to see how you could believe these actions would benefit the country.”

“Necessary change is often the most painful.”

“I suppose you would have Atreya be coddled by the illusion of a republic or democracy, instead?”

Luther only tilted his head at her.

“Do you honestly believe such governments can last in earnest? They can be founded on such idealism, perhaps, but it is inevitable that they will give rise to new royalty and be ruled by it. The only difference is that the kings of democracy can hide themselves behind a veil of elected figureheads.”

The man was quiet a moment as he blinked slowly at her. He looked at David another time. “Did you know she was this cynical?”

“Yes, I did. You would have known as well, if you had ever bothered to get to know her the way a brother should.”

“It seems we are guilty of that on both counts,” said Helen. “If I had known Luther’s heart even just one year ago, we would not have these problems now. And our family might still be together.”

Luther exhaled a short laugh and shook his head at her. “You genuinely believe that a monarchy is the best method of governance?”


  1. Wait... So survival of the fittest isn't the best method of governance?

  2. Now I've cought up!
    I love your story, Frost. You caught my attentention with the first page and I have not been able to stop reading since. I look forward to your future pages and will vote up this webcom as often as I can.
    Thank you for this great story!

  3. I know it's surprising isn't it?

  4. is it every 2 days now.

  5. I'm glad you're enjoying. Thank you for reading, and doubly thank you for the support. <3

  6. Sorry, I've just been slackin' a little. I'll be making up for it soon, though. I've still got a buncha donation bonus posts to finish and 1st anniversary bonus posts, too. Haven't forgotten about them.

  7. nah it;s just I love to read it the second it comes out.

  8. Absolutely. This 'democracy' only works with 5000 individuals or less. Elightened Monarchy is the way to go.

  9. No it is not, it is concentrating too much power in a few maybe flawed people. They can make highly damaging decisions which can annihilate a country. Democracy is better because there is a system to get rid of damaging people(usually) and there can still be people that change things for the better, they're just not just vetted by one person.