Thursday, March 10, 2016

Page 1189

The question made Hector’s eyes widen.

The Lord Duxan’s answer was in Valgan, but it did seem to be an affirmation.

Our home has such a passage as well,’ said Garovel. ‘I believe that is our most discreet option available here, though I will need to make a call first.

A rumble of voices passed over the Sandlords as they discussed it amongst themselves, but they soon came back with a nod from Abbas and a few more Valgan words for Garovel.

Garovel answered in Valgan this time, too, and then moved away from the table, motioning for Hector to follow.

Hector excused himself and exited the tent with his reaper. He’d mostly followed what had happened there at the end, but the details had eluded him. He shielded his eyes as the harsh sun greeted him again.

Tell me you still have Gina’s number,’ said Garovel

Hector searched his pockets for his phone. “Yeah...”

Call her. I need to talk to Voreese as soon as possible.

Hector hesitated, frowning.

What’s the matter?

“Nothing. It’s just... international rates are ridiculous. I think I lost like thirty troas just letting Ramira browse the internet for pictures of spiders the other day.”

Garovel’s bony face twisted impossibly. ‘Really? THAT’S what you’re worried about? Since when do you give two shits about money?

“Since I need it in order to rebuild my busted-ass castle. Not to mention, uh... feeding everyone who’s apparently gonna live there.”

Yes, well, I’m glad you’re trying to be so financially mindful, but a couple hundred troas isn’t going to make much difference with that, either way.

“Wait, what? A couple hundred?!”

Garovel shrugged. ‘It might be a long conversation. I dunno.

“Agh. I need a better data plan...”

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