Saturday, September 19, 2015

Page 1083

Zeff relied on pan-forma in order to tie the position states of every little piece of his creation to that of his left hand, allowing him to move the whole, chaotic mass at once with a flick of his wrist.

With all his strength, body and mind together, he slammed the bomb into Caster.

And indeed, the result was akin to explosion. The flurry of water drills engulfed Caster all at once, and the Abolisher’s destructive body tore into them, which made them tear into one another, setting all of that highly pressurized water off in a chain reaction. This, together with the already hectic air currents whirling around it, created a burst of wind and water that didn’t just punch, but also shred.

The impact force was sustained for several seconds, as well, and Zeff had to hold his ground in front of everyone, annihilating every deadly dagger of soul-strengthened water that would have surely found them otherwise. A triangular safe zone with him at the tip. And even still, he earned himself several tears in his clothes and cuts on his face and arms. His flesh healed immediately, of course, and he annihilated the rest of the lingering mist so that he could see the Marauder.

The man had been blown back across the room, clothes in tatters and even some apparent distortions in his nearly invisible form. He seemed to be on one knee, translucent fingers having dug into the floor and left streaking claw marks therein.

A deep piping noise arrived, but it was different, sustained and reverberating and masking an alternate pitch inside it. After a moment, Zeff realized it wasn’t an attack. It was the Marauder laughing.

“Interesting,” Caster said in two voices, altered through the bassy filter of destruction. “We did not realize that we were facing the new Water Dragon, too. Tell us your name, won’t you?”

Zeff and Axiolis saw no reason to do that.

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