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Page 1021

It’s not inconceivable that someone could have framed him,’ said Garovel. ‘And according to Ibai’s own account, Fuad was dead before he arrived.

“He also sounded extremely confused,” said Lorenzo. “Could be that he didn’t realize what he’d done until it was too late, but that doesn’t change the fact that he did it.”

“That is not a fact until we confirm it as such,” said Carlos. “You are also not a part of this investigation. You’ve given us your witness statement. You may leave now.”

“And who put you in charge, exactly?” said Lorenzo. “This isn’t Roth.”

“You are correct,” said Carlos. “But this is not Deynos, either. This is Moaban. And as we are guests here, we should defer to the Lord Najir. Agreed?”

Lorenzo gave a slow nod before he and everyone else turned to Asad and Qorvass.

And despite having been put on the spot rather suddenly, the tattooed Sandlord lost none of his composure. “Lord Lorenzo. It is my understanding that you worked as a constable in Deynos for many years, no?”

“I did, yes.”

“And Lord Carlos, you served in the Vanguard’s OSI, did you not?”


That caught Hector’s attention. ‘OSI?

Office of Special Investigations,’ Garovel said privately.

“I would like the both of you to head up your own investigations, independent of one another,” said Asad. “Do not waste time sharing information. Simply return to me in six hours with whatever you have learned.”

Lorenzo shifted his feet and tilted his head. “Six hours isn’t much to work with.”

“You’ll keep investigating afterwards, but I need your preliminary reports by then. At most, I can buy us twelve hours before Hahl Saqqaf shows up and starts asking a lot of difficult questions--not the least of which will be why the hell I chose to give refuge to so many Rainlords without informing them.”

“Do you think they will kick us out?” said Carlos.

“No,” said Asad. “This is my jurisdiction. But they will certainly not be pleased.”

“All the same,” said Lorenzo, “perhaps we should be ready to leave in a hurry.”

“I won’t discourage your people’s caution,” said Asad, “but just focus on the investigation right now. I will inform Abel and Salvador of what I am having you do.”

What about the Blackburns?’ asked Garovel.


  1. ... Um. These separate investigation dealies... an attempt at deceptive web untangling? *confused*

  2. "Could be that he didn’t realize he’d done [it] until it was too late, but that doesn’t change the fact that he did it."

  3. Vincent Atd[perspherspley]April 28, 2015 at 8:42 PM

    “And who put you in [change], exactly?” said Lorenzo. “This isn’t Roth.”

  4. Possible explanations: Since they only think it was Faud because of his shoes, isn't it possible that a servant killed Faud, took his shoes then killed himself in the grisly manner right when Ibai appeared?
    Alternatively, they could have killed Faud earlier, taken his dead body with them into the kitchen, and when they saw Ibai appear they killed themselves in some way that the body wouldn't leave a trace when dead. This would also help solve the problem of why the blood stains weren't on the walls and ceiling. The only questions left would be how they knew Ibai would be go to the kitchen, and who has a power that can destroy themselves or make themselves invisible to reapers that isn't accounted for (maybe someone that has a portable, movable soul net? they would only have to maintain it for a while, enough time to get out of range of the kitchen area).

  5. damm i like this novel, took me 3 days to get all the chapters, one thing, maybe, just maybe ibai was in the wrong place, wrong time? to me is more easy to belive theres a spy on the rain lords and the dead dude got him giving the location of the group, dying because of it.
    Why i doubt ibai killed the dude and i think so many others too? Because it would be very anti climatic to waste such a great plot/character like him this way, but who knows? this novel has the way to surprise you when you arent looking uh?

    Ps: sorry about the english, it´s not my first language so i´m still learning it.

  6. I just spent 8+ (probably more than 10) hours straight reading this on Sunday.

    I forgot my rule 1: Don't read new stories for pleasure.

    Sigh. I guess its a compliment I liked the story enough to do that.

  7. Most insignificant correction in the history of ever:

    “I won’t discourage your people’s caution,” said Asad[,” ]but just focus on the investigation right now."
    After the direct speech continues, the space is in the wrong position. There should be a space after the comma, and the space after the quotation mark shouldn't be there.

  8. out?” said Carlos.
    I think you want: said -> asked

  9. Why not read new stories for pleasure? My only rule is don't read anything new to read myself to sleep because that tends to end up with me not getting any sleep, at least if its worth reading.

  10. I don't think anyone (in the readership, not the character cast) really thinks Ibai has gone off the deep end. He's too endearing, the setup is too easy to get by accident from something else, and he seemed like he was too good from the sections in his perspective talking about how he didn't want to eat reapers. Of course, Frost may have just figured out a way to make it fit into the story and character so that he could surprise everyone.
    By the way, how did you find your way here? I'm always curious.

  11. ah it was a link from the japtem arifureta forum, and i did see some ppl at tate no yusha(yorai site) recomend this novel too, i am glad i give a try, the way it is write is really good, soft if i could say, it give the feeling you dont want to stop reading.

  12. Said can always be used in place of ask. Not necessarily the other way around. Like how a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not always a square. Appreciate the check, though.

  13. does this mean they are gonna head to hector's place?

  14. Yes, that's why I wasn't sure. To me, "asked" is more clear on what tone of voice is being used -- there are many ways one can say things, but a much smaller subset of ways one can ask things (the set of all squares is smaller than the set of all rectangles). Continuing the rectangle/square analogy, if a rectangle is also a square, then you normally call it a square rather than a rectangle.

    That's why I made the suggestion, anyway. 'Twas after all just a suggestion.

  15. Lol again on the Japtem Arifureta page?! I'd love to know just how many people were led here by that conversation 8D

  16. I think he just wants three shots at getting an unbiased account. Even if new information is presented later, people will often still try to fit it into their existing conceptual framework, a fallacy known at least unofficially as "twisting facts to suit theories". By using duplicate investigations, he gets three chances of someone figuring out the truth before coming to a false conclusion and sticking with it. By leaving himself not in charge of any of them, he ensures that he will remain as unbiased as possible given the circumstances and can decide who is right when they present their findings.

  17. Because I can't stop. And spending 8+ hours straight on any story isn't good when I have other work.

    Rule 1 is very simplified of the real thing in my head.

  18. Ah. If its a simplification, then I'd believe that the full version might make a bit more sense.

  19. I haven't been here since the last chapter of the Tenth Oath, it's good to read a bunch of pages in one go... But now I've caugh up again...
    There are some RoyalRoad and Japtem fanfics (and other novels) to read while Mr Frost write new content...
    Thinking about writing, all the fanfics I've read and commented on made me feel like writing something myself. Since I've seen some work with a nice initial idea but hollow characters or bad story development or poor background (but there are also a bunch of addicting works XD), I decided to have a look at some guides for character building/world building/race building/magic-ability system building... And I can't help but marvel at the amount of work necessary to make a consistent story with fleshed up characters and a definite background. That threw cold water on my desire to write something (world building and character building is kind of fun!! But the hardest parts for me are making a good story with a good pacing, and developing a magic system with a bit of originality... And correctly writing the damn thing...)

  20. I find that I tend to enjoy world-building too, but I never get much inspiration for what to do with the worlds once I've built them. I have a few very nice ones that I've written up information on everything from the magic system to the various cultures, but for now they pretty much sit mothballed, lacking ideas on how to move them forward.

  21. I believe the official term is called confirmation bias.

  22. yeah, that. thank you.

    he wanted three chances to get good information before confirmation bias kicked in.

  23. Liam FarquharsonMay 3, 2015 at 1:18 PM

    I think I was too.. I'm sure iv cine across a few recommendation pages listing this novel though. Any recommendations of your own? Currently reading
    swallowed star
    coiling dragon
    desolate era
    other iet novel
    Duolou dalu

  24. Well, I posted some on page 967. Now I also recommend Stand Still Stay Silent.

  25. I think I initially got here from Slightly Damned.

  26. Soulnets can be seen by reapers from a considerable range. They do great things for security, but for stealth, not so much.