Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let's Play a Contribution Game

--Updated as of Jan 31st, 2017--
Alright, I’ve got lots of announcements for you.

Firstly, I'm changing up the Saturday donation bonus. Instead of being three extra pages, it'll be increased to five, and the donation threshold will also be increased to $500. I know that might sound a bit extreme, but before you get mad at me, I'm doing it for a reason, which is:

Secondly, I’ve been thinking about how to help generate more traffic for this site, as well as how to just gain an overall larger readership. And it seems clear to me that I need your guys’ help for that, but asking you to do me a bunch of favors purely out of the goodness of your hearts, is perhaps a bit selfish. So I’ve come up with a way to reward you guys for helping me out.

Obviously, I can’t offer you real money, and even if I could, that’d be pretty sketchy, but I CAN offer you guys donation-equivalent-dollars, instead--or Hector Bucks. Which is definitely what I am going to call them. Essentially, one Hector Buck equates to one dollar toward the next donation bonus.

Now, the follow might end up creating some hellish math for me, but here’s my current offer for how you guys can accrue Hector Bucks.

These things, I will count as a $5 donation:
-a significant addition/improvement, with proper use of spoiler tags, to our Wikia.
-a significant addition/improvement, with proper use of spoiler tags, to our TVTropes page. Additions and upkeep on a Characters page would be especially welcome.

I will count as a $10 donation:
-a significant addition/improvement, with proper use of spoiler tags, to a DIFFERENT TVTropes page, which includes a cross-link back to TZK’s main TVTropes page (not back to my website, mind you. TVTropes doesn't like too many outgoing links). You can see a list of all the links I'm talking about on the Related Links page. Your link should show up there automatically when you're done.
-a review on any of the ebook volumes listed at Amazon or Smashwords. Doesn't need to be positive, but it DOES need to give your honest opinion in two or more sentences.

I will count as a $25 donation:
-Fanart that impresses me. And yeah, since I’m offering a reward here, I reserve the right to be a picky jerk about it.

I will count as a $100 donation:
-If you link THIS site somewhere out there on the internet, and that link brings in a bunch of new readers.

Just show me your link in the comments, and I’ll check it against the various site analytics tools that I’m using (which may take a few days of data-gathering).

Couple of warnings for this one, though. You can’t just go around spamming people/other websites with unsolicited links, because a) that doesn’t even work, and b) it’s annoying as hell and is more likely to discourage people from reading the story or even incentivize them to leave a bunch of a hateful comments. So before you do anything that might bite you (or ME, goddammit) on the ass, please stop and consider if what you’re doing is appropriate. Even if you put the link somewhere that a lot of people will see it, it won't help unless you actually give them a reason to check the story out.

Also, I know saying “a bunch of new readers” is a bit vague, but I don’t want to be too specific, either, because that’ll just make it easier for people to try and trick me with bots or whatever. Not that I think any of you would ever do such a thing, of course. I’M SURE EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET IS PERFECTLY TRUSTWORTHY.

(Also, make sure you tell me about your work in the comments and provide a link, so that I can see what you did. I can't very well grant you any Hector Bucks if I don't know you did anything, right?)

And thirdly, in addition to all this other stuff, I created a Patreon page here. The link is also on the right hand side of the site. I'm also doing a Patreon-only bonus for it. It'll be the first goal. If we get to $500 pledged donations a month, then I will start doing triple posts on Fridays, in addition to the Mondays and Wednesdays that I'm already doing.

EDIT: Oh, and the threshold change will go into effect in February, so there'll still be one more Saturday donation bonus of three pages this month.

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