Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reworking the donation bonuses (again)

So I've realized that my last system wasn't so great. 3 pages per day for 7 days in a row was a bit stupid of me. I mean, the math was just atrocious, really. 21 pages in a single week. About 2-3 hours of work per page. That's a 40- to 50-hour work week right there. All for $50.

So yeah. Not my best idea. Also, you guys were just super generous--more so than I could have expected. And it ended up kinda biting me in the ass, and I fell behind on pages 'n shit.

But okay. I still wanna do this as a full-time job. I love writing TZK for you folks. And I want to provide reliable donation bonuses. But in order for this to be viable as a full-time job, I'd have to be making upwards of $2000 per month. Which seems like quite a lot, at this current juncture. And even though ads and e-book sales do add a little money, they're still pretty miniscule (currently about $90 per month, in case you were curious).

So here's how we'll start things off again.

$30 of donations will equate to a single donation bonus day, where I will post 3 pages. Donation bonus days will ALWAYS be on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday (US Pacific time).

So basically, a maximum of three bonus days per week. Hopefully, that doesn't sound too greedy to you guys. If it does, I apologize, but I have to be realistic here. Even if all bonus days in a given month are filled, it would still only equate to $330-$390 total, which isn't even a fifth of that $2000 goal I mentioned above.

Also, I wanted a greater degree of consistency for everyone. I think a predefined M-W-F structure is better than just "whenever I feel like scheduling bonuses." And yes, that mean this coming Friday will be a bonus day.

If all goes well--the readership keeps growing and donations keep coming in--then hopefully I'll be able to increase the current $30 threshold and make that $2000 a month goal stop seeming so unreachable.

But anyway. I just wanted to explain my thought processes a bit. As always, thanks for reading, everyone.

EDIT: Oh, and there were three pages that went up today, by the way. Careful not to accidentally skip them.


  1. To be frank, $30 for a page is ridiculous at face value, when a book can cost between $5-$30.
    Then one must consider that we can read it for free, and there are dozens/hundreds/thousands of people reading each page, and thus $30 from everyone would probably get us a whole book or two of pages (not to mention that we could donate a few cents and it would eventually become $30). There's also the fact that donating is like a thank you, not really like buying stuff.
    So in my opinion, $30 is a bargain. $154-$182 is a more realistic amount.

  2. $30 for 3 pages, technically. Or for 2 extra pages on top of the normal 1 page, I suppose.

    And yeah. It's not meant to be a one-to-one type of ratio. You can't make a living off of donations from a single person.

    And I don't need or necessarily want everyone to donate. A lot of times, as a reader, the most valuable thing you can give me is simply a recommendation. Even if someone doesn't want to donate, they could still introduce someone else to the story who does want to. Or they could introduce someone to the story, who then introduces a hundred people to the story with a very well-placed link or something.

  3. Whatever you do, I hope you get everything you're looking for out of the serial :)

  4. I'd say whatever you think is fair probably is. I mean the base deal we start with is page per day for free, and $15 for a page extra divided by however many people read seems reasonable at least. Also, donations are mostly to help you out with the workload you've taken upon yourself without demanding compensation, so I doubt many people would be offended if you don't do a ridiculous volume of extra work.
    Don't kill yourself with work, Frost. Unless you have a reaper lined up.

  5. Jeffrey De La Cruz AndujarJanuary 30, 2015 at 9:14 PM

    I don't donate but I am buying all the books of the zombie knight as soon as they're out