Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Page 717

Mariana had to turn away as she listened. There was truth in Shenado’s words. She knew there was. And it gave her pause. The choice in her head wasn’t quite so clear anymore.

I know it is difficult,’ Shenado went on, ‘but think about this carefully. Yes, Marcos is only twelve. But Ramira is only nine. Emiliana is confused and distraught and looking to you for guidance. We don’t even know where Francisco is. Hopefully, only captured. And then there’s Gema. Obviously, she’s gotten herself involved in something big and terrible. Wherever she is, I’m sure she could use your help, too.

That argument almost convinced her. Almost. She steeled her expression. ‘I am not going to let Marcos die. And I am not abandoning them. I am leaving them in your care.

It was Shenado’s turn to hesitate.

They won’t need me to guide them when they have you,’ said Mariana. ‘They’re practically your children as much as mine. It won’t just be Marcos. Not really. You’ll take care of them all. I know you will.

I can’t protect them from physical threats.

Yes, you can. Not with your body, but with your mind. By being smart. And by teaching them to be just as much so. We’ve already started. They know how the world is. Now, they will see it firsthand. And you will be there for them.


Please, Shenado. I’ve made up my mind.

...And what if I refuse?

Then I will never forgive you for as long as I live. And you might as well find a new servant, anyway, because I will never listen to any requests you make of me ever again.

...I thought you would threaten to kill me.

I would have been bluffing, and you would have known it. But make no mistake, if there ever came a day when the rest of my children were finally out of danger, I would certainly kill you for letting Marcos die today.

Shenado sighed publicly, drawing looks from Emiliana and Octavia as they proceeded down a long hallway together. ‘Fine,’ the reaper said privately. ‘I’ll release you. You were always mean to me, anyway.

Thank you.

I bet Marcos will be nice to me.


  1. I still think Shenado is right. Asking to be released is just selfish on Mariana's part. She failed to protect Marcos, and now she's willing to give her life to save his, because she can't stand the guilt of letting him die. God, this makes me angry. She'd rather leave her other children, among them a girl of nine, potentially orphaned and in the care of a being her youngest daughter can't even see? Right after her former allies attacked her family and the future is anything but save for all of them? And did she even consider what this might do to Marcos? He will always blame himself for his mother's death, and his siblings might as well...

    I really hope Octavia or anyone can talk sense into her...

  2. And don't forget, it would not be necessary if she was not being so stubborn about the reaper that is "good enough" for her child. She would rather die herself, leaving her children orphans, then allow a reaper she does not know to bond with her child. Shenado should just tell her to shut the fuck up and pick the first reaper a rainlord family vouches for.

    The whole part about " I will never forgive you.. " Is just childish. And She can't kill Shenado without killing herself. Then of course, turning into a flesh hungry monster that would eat the children she loves so much.

  3. It seems she is sacrificing the safety of all her children to save one. If she lets Marcos die, she would a chance to save all her children given that she is an experienced rainlord. If she kills herself none of her children may survive since except from Gema they are not all that experienced at least compared to other servants

    Seems Selfish she doesn't have the luxury of doubt or guilt her priority should be her children that are currently alive.
    Obviously if i was a real life scenario her decision would be understandable sacrifice your life to save your child, commendable however this is not real life,She is a rainlord and without her protection protection none of her children are likely to survive. She is just luck she won't have to watch the consequences of her actions.

  4. Read straight through the book(s?) in a week and a half. AND NOW THERE ARE NO MORE PAGES..!!!!!!
    YOU'RE LATE!!!
    #coldturkey :((

  5. He needs to live or he will wither like a plant.

  6. If you want him to post more often, you can always donate to him. As i recall, that gets bonus posting days. :p

  7. what is the point of living when he is not writing?? Is that not his life's work??!

  8. hmmm...not getting regular days (NO POSTING STILL FOR JUN 4!!!).. so don't know how much certainty I have about bonus days...

  9. Doing what you love should never become a chore.

  10. I felt the same way at first...but its worth the wait

  11. Personally, I recommend calming your tits and waiting. People had to wait a week or more for the next chapter of tale of two cities when Charles Dickens was writing it.

  12. I think you can at least give her the benefit of the doubt that she wouldn't kill Shenado while her own children were around. You may recall Garovel mentioning that the violently mindless state that a servant goes through is only lasts about an hour or so before the servant dies. It wouldn't be difficult for Mariana to wound the reaper severely enough to knock her out (as with what we've seen happen to Nize and Garovel), and then take Shenado somewhere isolated in order to deliver the finishing blow.

  13. I actually don't mind getting yelled at a little. I want to put out more text for you guys, and when folk show their enthusiasm for the story (even angrily), it helps keep me motivated.

  14. I don't think she's looking for a "good enough" reaper, she needs one that she can get to quickly and the chances of that are so slim as to be non-existent.
    Single reapers are hard to find and take time to get them around and Mariana has no real time.

  15. Nothing is more important to a mother than the life of her child. Killing herself will be very painful for her children in their time of need but are they not Elroy. She raised strong children and her death would only give them power. They still have eachother. They still have power and their reaper‘s wisdom. But if she let her son die then giving her children a mother who would not sacrifice herself for them is a bigger crime.

  16. I'm with the people saying she needs to accept marco's death (if necessary), though I am not inclined to condemn her for it quite so vehemently. Her inclination as a mother is understandable. And the 'I will never forgive you line' certainly didn't strike me as childish. But her children do need her. Shenado speaks with the wisdom of centuries more experience.

    But who said Mothers were always wise...

  17. she could've easily called one of the dozens of families that are 'strangers' or 'untrustworthy'

  18. And of course they still have the people in the houses she does trust, like Octavia Redwater and Joana Cortes.