Sunday, April 13, 2014

End of the Anniversary Special but kinda not really

So here’s the dealio.

I didn’t get out quite as many pages I wanted to this week. I mean, I put up more than usual, so whoop-de-doo for that, I guess, but yeah--still kind of a let down for me, because I wanted to get up nine more pages before today. But rather than panicking or beating myself up about it, I’m just going to sprinkle those nine extra pages throughout the month of April.

In other words, you guys’ll be getting the normal pace of two pages per day, and occasionally, there’ll be an extra third page. And you’ll be able to tell when a page is extra ‘cuz just like the pages of this last bonus week, it’ll have one of these things at the beginning:
--1st Anniversary Special (day #/7, page #/4)--

So there. I’M COMIN’ THROUGH WITH THIS SHIT. Just a little differently than I promised. BUT NEVERMIND THAT. I COMMAND YOU TO BE HAPPY.

Also, please vote for TZK at Top Web Fiction. ‘s helpful ‘n crud, ‘n you don’t have to register ‘r anything.

Sorry. I went a little crazy with my apostrophes there. I can’t help it sometimes. Apostrophes are just so cool.


  1. Was going to go on one of those self-entitled internet rants about you not putting up the pages you promised :p but you're prolific as hell anyways, so I think I speak for us all when I say we appreciate that.

  2. We appreciate so much it hurts. Our puny brains that is. Teach us oh great one, lord of the apostrophes!

    The great thing about George is that we don't need to rage, rant or insult him. He does it for us! THAT'S JUST ONE MORE REASON ON A LONG LIST OF REASONS AS TO WHY GEORGE IS A GREAT GUY. Keep up the great work George!

    Now, I've just noticed that the ad on the right side of the webpage is EMPTY. It's an ad telling us to put ads there. SOMEONE PUT A FREAKING AD THERE ALREADY! GEORGE DESERVES THE CASH!
    - - - Aaaaaand I just noticed it says for $0..... That's odd.... George..... YOU CAN DO BETTER! ADS ACCOMPANYING YOUR STORY SHOULD BE ATLEAST A DOLLAR!

    Random thought: I hate your last name. It's awesome. I'm jealous....

  3. His last name reminds me of Robert Frost the famous poet.

  4. Haha. A dollar per ad would be pretty sweet, but I don't get enough traffic for that, I think. For that to be plausible, I'd need to be getting four or five times as many unique visitors a day as I currently am.

  5. Yeah, well, I appreciate your appreciation. So there.

  6. George M. Frost is only my pen name. But shh, don't tell anyone.

  7. With the sheer number of pages already released and the rate you seem to be releasing at the moment (I don't pay attention to dates in general) I don't care if you release 1 page a week just as long as the story stays as amazing as it has been so far.
    Not that I would complain if you do keep releasing so quickly or anything.

  8. Aw man, you actually lost a couple cool points there...

    ...get it?

  9. Huzzah! Praise be to Lord Frost!

  10. Icy what you did there.